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Mathai tradicionális thai Die Massage
Mathai tradicionális thai Die Massage
Mathai tradicionális thai Die Massage
Mathai tradicionális thai Die Massage

About us

In 2007, we were opened in the centre of Sopron. The salon has a familiar and pleasant atmosphere, which also contributes to the comfort and full relaxation of our guests. Our old and new guests are welcome.

The massage

It is an ancient, traditional massage type based on the traditions of several hundred years in the Far East. The purpose of the Thai massage is to ensure free energy flow, to relieve pains and stiffness, to create a flexible, bendable and relaxed condition by stretching and pressing the muscles and taking various postures. The massage is performed on a mattress placed on the floor, in light, comfortable clothes, in lying or sitting postures. The meditation treatment uses also elements of the Chinese reflexology and ayurveda and the knowledge of physiological points. Instead of muscle kneading, the masseur works on the meridian lines, stimulates the acupressure points by means of a so-called pressure technique. During the massage, the whole body is treated from the head to the toes in accordance with a specific choreography. Beyond the fingers, the masseur uses also the back of the hands, elbows, knees, feet and soles for massaging. The efficiency of the treatment is increased by “pulling” various body parts.

The effects of the Thai massage:
it is both relaying and stimulative. Massage performed on the specific points of the body promotes perfect relaxation. It has relaxing, stress releasing and pain-relieving effects. The major results are the refreshment of the body and the spirit, higher activity and balance. Blood and lymph circulation improves as a result of the treatment of the energy lines and meridians, which promotes detoxification of the body and the removal of waste materials. The stiffness and tension of the muscles and joints are relieved and the flexibility of the body is improved by the “pulling”. We can feel refreshed and flexible, can move more easily, stiffness of our muscles is eliminated after the massage.

Our services are expanded with additional massages from June 2012!

Thai oily massage:
The Thai oily massage is a mixture of the Thai and Western massage techniques. It improves blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. Massage is made with aromatic oils and therapeutic methods.

Thai herbal massage:
It is a massage type having been used and preferred for a long time in Thailand but less spread in Hungary. In this case, the effect of the massage is improved by means of a special herbal bag heated with steam. The more than 15 various herbs contained in it have a good effect on blood circulation, reduce the stiffness of the joints and eliminate the muscle pain. In addition, it mitigates depression, relaxes the nerves, abates abdomen pains and the allergic symptoms of the skin.

For whom
it is indicated?

  • persons working in a sitting posture
  • persons with sedentary lifestyle
  • rheumatic and articular complaints
  • stressed way of life
  • sleeping disorders
  • sportsmen
  • hard working persons

Our availability

  • Sopron, Füredi sétány 11.
  • Phone number: +36 20/ 5656 565
  • Opening hours / From Monday to Sunday: 09.00 - 19.00